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dabl® addresses the need for reliable information on the validation status of blood pressure measurement devices.

dabl® Limited are the founding sponsors of the dabl® Educational Trust website, the international not-for-profit website. The website provides important educational information about blood pressure measurement and the devices used to measure blood pressure, along with their accuracy and suitability for measurement.

The absence of comprehensive, up-to-date information on blood pressure devices has been recognised for many years as a serious impediment to medical teams, national health services and the public in obtaining information on the diverse standards of blood pressure devices. The website is very comprehensive with up-to-date information provided on a regular basis .

The site is managed by dabl® Educational Trust Limited a not-for-profit educational venture and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

The website has the following features:

  • It is staffed by a team of experts in hypertension and blood pressure validation.

  • It has an Advisory Board comprised of international experts in blood pressure measurement. See Advisory Board for member details.

  • It contains one of the most comprehensive libraries of papers on blood pressure measuring devices.

  • It deals with an extensive range of questions relating to blood pressure measuring devices.

  • It has established an efficient search of the literature.

  • All identified papers are assessed by a statistician to determine the validation status of a device.

  • It has established a close working relationship with manufacturers of blood pressure measuring devices.

  • It is updated on a monthly basis according to an agreed format to provide the latest state-of-the-market information on blood pressure measuring devices.

  • It provides a limited range of services to manufacturers/validation centres for Declarations of Equivalence and Validation.

  • It identifies validation studies in progress.

  • It establishes links with all national hypertension, cardiovascular and other appropriate websites.

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