dabl Limited – Patient Charter

dabl Limited is committed to making available healthcare management systems so that patients can receive the most advanced care and management of their illnesses based on the latest clinical research and international guidelines.

One of the greatest benefits of modern technology is our ability to access expert knowledge especially in the area of medicine. dabl Online Systems were specifically designed to enable physicians to consult locally, nationally and internationally on a confidential basis in relation to the care of their patients.

dabl Systems enables medical teams to collect relevant patient information so that an accurate and speedy diagnosis and management decision can be made. The online system also allows a physician to share a patient’s data with other physicians when an expert opinion or information critical to the management of the patient is required. Where a patients’ data is shared with another physician the referring physician has complete control of the data referred. In order to provide this unique service for the management of patients dabl Limited centrally hosts the Management System and patient data.

In order to comply with our legal obligations and to meet the highest standards in the protection of patient data dabl Limited is registered under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 which covers patient data in states in The European Economic Area (EEA). This legislation covers us and your medical teams and imposes strict controls on how and who can access your data. We are also strictly prohibited from passing on any data to third parties which can identify you.

Our concern is that we always meet the highest standards and confidence of our patients. All dabl Management Systems enable your physician to print a formal letter of consent for you to authorise the sharing of your medical data with other medical teams for the management of your illness.

We always welcome comments from patients on how we can assist them in understanding their illness and helping them to easily comply with the management program provided by their physician.

William J Rickard
Managing Director