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The dabl systems are now used worldwide and are available in English, French and Italian (versions in Chinese and Dutch will be released in 2010). Our customer base includes hospitals, specialist centres, general practices, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. The logos below represent a sample of our customers.

Alphega Farmacie Unico S.p.A La Farmacia dei Farmacisti Farma. Net S.p.A Scandicci
Univerista' di Firenze
University Hospital Florence
Alliance Farmacie Comunali S.p.A

Farmacie Fiorentine AFAM S.p.A

Sotiria Hospital Greece
Sotiria Hospital Athens
Menarini Pharmaceuticals

Groupe Medical Ste-Catherine
Montreal, Canada
Mater Hospital Ireland
Mater Hospital Dublin
Servier Clinical Research Biron Laboratries Medical
Biron Laboratories Canada

Connolly Hospital

Connolly Hospital Dubin

McCabes Pharmacy

Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital Dublin

Saint Vincents Hospital Boots

Unicare Pharmacy