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dabl 24 hour Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) Chart

dabl ABPM Health Screening>

dabl ABPM Health Screening is the only system for 24-hour ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement) in a health screening setting.

Increase business and differentiate yourself from the competition with this important added-value health service. 

Within seconds of uploading the data from the device, the dabl system will immediately provide you with a full report including an easy to understand plot and interpretation for the patient and their physician.

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Why is 24-hour ABPM so important? >

All the research now indicates that relying solely on the one-off (clinical) blood pressure is now grossly outdated and has the potential to misdiagnose up to 45%.  Research also places a high degree of importance on night-time blood pressure which only 24-hour ABPM can evaluate.

Benefits of dabl ABPM for the Health Screening Centre >

Increased business

From additional health service.

Identify hypertension

Help identify those who have undiagnosed or unmanaged hypertension and refer them to their physician for further treatment. 

Additional health service

Offer existing customers an added-value service to encourage repeat visits and a lasting and loyal relationship.

Competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Reduce sick days & costs

Prevent major cardiovascular events among at-risk employees and save huge costs in sick days, absenteeism and other related costs.

Aid patient compliance The patient-friendly dabl ABPM Health Screening report helps patients to understand their programme of management and greatly aids medication compliance.  The health screening centre provides them with a convenient location in which to have this important investigation done with no long waiting lists.   

Features of dabl ABPM Health Screening >

Within seconds of uploading the data from an ABPM device, the dabl system will immediately provide you with a full diagnostic blood pressure report.

Easy to use

The user is guided through the process from start to finish.

Fast data upload

Blood pressure data is uploaded directly from ABPM device to the dabl online system.

Immediate interpretation

The system provides a comprehensive interpreted blood pressure report within seconds.

Two page diagnostic report

The dabl ABPM Health Screening report is laid out in a concise format on two pages and includes the dabl plot, blood pressure averages, the automatic interpretation and a full list of readings. Educational information is also included for the patient.

Trend reporting

The dabl ABPM Health Screening Trend Report which shows all previous ABPMs can be automatically generated after 2 ABPMs.

dabl ABPM Health Screening Process - it's simple! >

Only 4 simple, quick steps required to provide an accurate diagnosis

Step 1

Register or search for the patient's details in dabl ABPM Health Screening system.

Step 2

Initialise the validated 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) device and then fit the ABPM device onto the patient.

Step 3

When the patient returns the next day, connect the 24-hour ABPM device to the computer and upload the blood pressure readings to the patient’s record.

Step 4

The dabl ABPM Health Screening interpreted report is generated within seconds of reading the data.

dabl ABPM Health Screening Online - Low Cost, Secure and Convenient >

Only requirements

Broadband and Internet Explorer browser.

High level of security

All data encrypted and backed up.  

Minimal cost

No software installed locally, no local server required, automatic updates to the system.

Contact us about dabl ABPM Health Screening software system >

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