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For hospitals and specialist centres, dabl provides a range of cardiovascular healthcare systems for the prevention and management of high blood pressure, stroke and a range of other cardiovascular diseases. 

All systems are designed and developed to the highest possible standard and you are always guaranteed to have access to the most up-to-date expert systems in accordance with international guidelines.  

dabl Cardiovascular is the most comprehensive and user-friendly online software system for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and helps to reduce the incidence of stroke and heart attack in the community.  The system assists the medical team in the recording and presentation of data for patients with cardiovascular disease and indicates total cardiovascular risk. 

The system incorporates the dabl ABPM system which is recognised internationally as the only expert online system for the most accurate diagnosis and management of hypertension using 24-hr ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement).  The main feature is the automatic interpretation leading to considerable time and financial resource savings for the clinic. 

dabl Geriatric for the assessment and management of older patients is available as an additional module and is designed to assist the physician with a comprehensive evaluation and ongoing management of elderly patients.

The dabl National Cardiovascular Shared Care System is a unique initiative by dabl to link all users in a country to a single expert system incorporating all the dabl modules, and sharing a common database. This system will improve patient care with an enhanced shared care service between primary and secondary care, translating to huge productivity and cost saving implications for national health services.

All systems have significant research capabilities and allow for the collection of standardised data which can be easily exported for further analysis. 

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