dabl ABPM Plus Shared Care Presented at the SIIA (Italian Society of Hypertension) Congress in Turin by Dr. Franco Rabbia (Hypertension Centre Molinette, Torino, Italy) >

27th September

We are pleased to inform you that the latest release of  dabl ABPM Plus Shared Care Version 10 is acknowledged, by an increasing number of specialists internationally, as the most advanced system for the diagnosis, management and research of hypertension. This very innovative system has been presented at the SIIA Congress in Turin by Dr. Franco Rabbia . Dr Rabbia highlighted the main features and benefits of the system for the medical community, and how it can be used to share data and collaborate for the management and research of hypertension. His aim is to implement a project together with other specialist centres, using the dabl ABPM Shared Care system which will enable the dabl users to share their data to achieve integration in management and research of hypertension.

This shows that our progressive policy of ongoing development and innovation combined with incorporating the latest research and knowledge in annual upgrades of our system is very successful and very much appreciated by all our customers and several healthcare organisat ions worldwide.