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Cork/Kerry heart disease and diabetes study

May 2010:

The Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College Cork are offering a free health check to a random sample of patients, in conjunction with the Living Health Clinic in Mitchelstown, Co Cork.  People within the ages of 50-69 may be invited to participate in this study; the Cork and Kerry Heart Disease and Diabetes study

The study will take place in the Livinghealth Clinic under the supervision of Dr Tom O’Callaghan and the study principle investigator, Professor Ivan Perry, UCC. 

The dabl Cardiovascular system comprising dabl ABPM for 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, allows for total cardiovascular risk assessment and has been kindly sponsored by an educational grant from A Menarini Pharmaceuticals.  The online configuration and simple interface makes it an ideal research solution for this study, one of the largest and most detailed heart disease studies carried out in Ireland to date. 

Participants will be offered a comprehensive health check including blood pressure measurements, blood test and a cardiac tracing (ECG). Information on participants’ general health and diet will also be sought.  These examinations will be carried out by a team of researchers from UCC including registered general nurses and nutritionists.

For those involved in research, dabl provides a range of powerful online analytical tools for drug studies and research in high blood pressure, stroke and a range of other cardiovascular diseases.

Cork & Kerry Study

First Row (L – R):  Francis Lynch, A Menarini Pharmaceuticals, Fiona Geaney, UCC, Prof Ivan Perry, UCC, Dr Elma Gaffney, Livinghealth Clinic, Bill Rickard, dabl Ltd, Dr Jan van den Broeck, UCC, Prof Eoin O’Brien, dabl Ltd
Second Row (L – R):  Vera McCarthy, UCC, Mark Loughrey, UCC, Kathy Shannon, A Menarini Pharmaceuticals


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